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Van Gogh at the Beach

Van Gogh at the Beach Image

Produced and presented by Poetry House


Language: English

Running time: 60 minutes

Age recommendation: 16+

Los Angeles 1990: a woman tells her granddaughter Hope about her relationship with Van Gogh, a mythical artist who has not aged. 2018: Hope is a dancer who meets a poet - but can their romance survive artistic differences? With the potential of love on the horizon, the tussle between poets and painters over their beliefs and identity threatens their romance and divides their community. Could Van Gogh and Grandmother hold the answers they are looking for? This is not the end of the story or the beginning.

“Van Gogh on The Beach” is the second play written by Emerging Artist Award Winner Jahmar Ngozi, inspired by a recent trip to Amsterdam and spurred on by childhood memories of Van Gogh. The play brings into focus the relationship between Van Gogh and Sien, a prostitute who became his mistress and model. In these scenes, Van Gogh’s words are his own, while Sien borrows words from a historical woman, can you guess who?