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/SYLVIA\ Image

Produced and presented by Ja? Theatre Company


UK/The Netherlands/Norway

Languages: English & German

Running time: 55 minutes

/SYLVIA\ /a woman becomes a painting\

This is the story of journalist Sylvia von Harden, told as she sits for her famous portrait by Otto Dix (1926). Through multi-media and live performance /SYLVIA\ questions the line between object and subject: the relevance of the onlooker in our creation of (gender) identity, representation and truth.

Sylvia von Harden was a German journalist in 1920’s Berlin, made immortal by the renowned painter Otto Dix. A working woman, a woman who couldn’t sit still, but yet as she sits for her portrait, her story and life in the Weimar Republic unravels from her lips. As her words cross time, gender, language, and medium, we are asked to consider: are we once again at a turning point in history?