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Star Of Strait Street - a musical from Malta

Star Of Strait Street - a new musical Image

Produced and presented by Polly March, Larissa Bonaci & Geoff Thomas


Language: English

Running time: 55 minutes

Its nostalgic, its about love, and beautiful people, but its also about strength and courage, and serves as a window on life in Malta during the war... thats how The Times Of Malta hailed this pocket musical, based on a true story from World War Two.

Glamorous British entertainer Christina Ratcliffe was in Valletta to entertain the troops. The dance-halls and bars of Strait Street were a magnet for servicemen during WW2. She fell in love with a daredevil pilot, and stayed on through the dangerous, heady days of the war... when Malta was the most heavily-bombed place on earth.

Still singing and dancing with The Whizz-Bangs, she also worked with RAF Fighter Control in the secret underground world of the Operations Room. She became a living symbol of Maltas heroic resistance as Christina of George Cross Island... and was decorated for gallantry by King George VI.

Featuring evocative wartime hits like Ill Be Seeing Youalongside original songs, including Welcome To Valletta.