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Sisyphus Distressing

Sisyphus Distressing Image2

Produced and presented by Metapraxis Ensemble
Language: English with BSL interpretation
Running time: 60 minutes

A silenced story turned into a sonic venture, a fight between fictional characters and modern life: An iconic protagonist from Greek mythology, a classic antagonist from Grimn Brother’s tale, and Albert Camus’s philosophy values and social norms... vs endless repetition, meaninglessness, struggle & failure! With integrated BSL interpretation.

★★★★ "Such a radical approach to philosophy deserves an equally radical response in art.” The Spy in the Stalls

Sisyphus Distressing is a dynamic sonic theatre project, built around the myth of Sisyphus, as it was seen through the eyes of Albert Camus. Composed by Gregory Emfietzis (Greece/UK) and devised by the Metapraxis Ensemble (UK), it consists of 7 sounding and muted acts, combining video, text (in English), acting/movement and construction/design.

This is the second part of Gregory Emfietzis’s work on Sisyphus (watch the first part here: Sisyphus Victimised performed by the LSO), initiated during his residency with the London Symphony Orchestra (2012- 2014). This composition and development of this project has been generously supported the Arts Council England and Hinrichsen Foundation.