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Republica Image

Produced and presented by Juan Carlos Otero, Keir Cooper, Lola Rueda & Emma Frankland



Languages: English & Spanish, captioned throughout in English

Running time: 65 minutes

Age recommendation: 16+


REPUBLICA is a bold reclaiming of history as told by a stripper, a flamenco dancer, and a punk guitarist, an energetic and sexy lament for the untold story of the Spanish Revolution. Inspired by the historical events that immediately preceded the Spanish Civil War, it investigates the ideals of The Second Republic (1931-1936), probably the most progressive government ever. With the rise of divisive politics across the world, REPUBLICA aims to break the pact of forgetting and celebrates a moment when the idealist actually won. Delivered in English and Spanish, REPUBLICA is a conversation between the past and the present and a performance on the politics of rhythm.