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My Favourite

My Favourite Image

Produced and presented by Nour-Ani Sisserian, Marlon Kameka & Saida Ahmed



Languages: English, Swahili, French

Running time: 55 minutes

Age Recommendation: 16+

‘My Favourite’ is a devised piece of contemporary theatre and dance about relationships, loneliness, being an artist, our need to bound and our impossibility to communicate, the barrier of the body and the freedom of imagination.

‘My Favourite’ is the encounter on stage between Saida Ahmed and Marlon Kameka.
Partly based on the performers’ personal experiences, this piece explores the moments of joy and beauty as well as the struggle in our lives. Conceived by Lecoq graduate director Nour-Ani Sisserian, ‘My Favourite’ invites the spectator to a different approach of story-telling through physicality, words and audience interaction.

The stage is a playground where the performers revive their inner child.