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Mary Mary Quite Contrary

Mary Mary Image

Produced and presented by Power Play Theatre and Voo Le Voo


Language: English

Running time: 60 minutes

"Dis-Claim-Er" The future is like the past - an idea, a memory, an imagining. Don't hold me to my facts, I never came to be concise, I came to explore something. I'm not fixed on being right. To be certain and assured is going out of fashion; the future is unknown and the past is assassinated. You've written my past and now I will re-imagine it how I'd like it to be seen.

Perhaps if I were "masculine" I would tell you this was FACTUAL, I'd tell you this was the untold history of the birth of capitalism (inspired by a tome of letgit cultural theory, Sylvia Federici's Caliban and the Witch) - because, to be honest, it is. But I don't want to push anything down your throat…you've too much down there already. So please, take what you want, sit back and enjoy the ride.