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Lady Macwata

Blue Lady Macwata

Produced and presented by Ghostlight Theatre



Language: English, with a few lines in Lingala

Running time: 75 minutes

Age recommendation: 10+

Access: BSL interpreted performance on 7 November.

Post show Q&A on 7 November.

One night, during a solitary rehearsal, Magali summons Mami Wata, a mythical African Goddess of her childhood, when Lisa disturbs her. Everything divides the two women. From then on, they tussle with one another over their beliefs and identity. Could Mami Wata hold the answers they are looking for?
Lady Macwata is inspired by Magali Muxart's childhood memories growing up in Africa, where mysticism plays a big part in people’s life and culture. Macbeth, Shakespeare’s famous play, was also another source of inspiration in this story. Lady Macwata is a tale which empowers and embraces multiculturalism as well as to share personal stories. Through the play we wanted to raise two main themes: identity and mysticism. A musician is playing live instruments on stage with the two actors.