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Adventures in Black and White

Adventures in Black and White Image

Produced and presented by Double Trouble



Languages: English, Lithuanian & Dutch

Running time: 60 minutes

Age recommendation: 12+ This show contains partial nudity

It starts with a conversation that never happened. Stasys and Lilly face each other, unwilling to talk about their exile. But from within the spaces between their words and the seams that hold their patchwork clothes together, images come to life.

We follow the parallel lives of two people in exile, one in Siberia, the other in Sussex, and their granddaughters who are having trouble finding their roots. Double Trouble explore displacement and its aftermath. Both thoughtful and mischievous, the performance brims with story-telling, sound- and imagescapes, translations, blurry photographs and…cake.

Adventures explores the idiosyncratic habits passed down through the generations of families who have been displaced, and the fertility that lies within the inability to get back to our origins. Celebrating the playful survival tactics employed by young people in exile, we discover the light within the dark.